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Six Components of a Killer Personal About Page


  1. Matt Baran says:

    Awesome post! I like to think of the about me page as a chance to build trust with the audience. There are so many snake oil salesmen out there in the IM world that its hard to know who to trust sometimes.

    The about me page is your chance to set yourself apart from those people and show your readers that you aren’t just trying to sell them any old affiliate product.

  2. Greg Taylor says:

    So simple, so important — yet so often overlooked. I like to use a fun about page so people can see what my interests are and that I’m a real person outside of what I do. Thanks for the post, I’ll use this as a great reference to point clients to.

  3. Rae,

    I absolutely agree with your ‘assessment’ as to the role your ‘about’ page plays on your blog!

    People are people and having said that they are ‘curious’ as to becoming more familiar with the ‘origin’ of the posts they read! I am no different and have found myself drawn to the author bios especially after reading something of interest!

    Thanks for the reminder of the importance this page plays and how a properly put together ‘about page’ can help ‘sell’ readers on why they should return!


  4. This is the first article i have ever read on this topic and I must confess i really learn’t a lot from it. For years i have been blogging this had never run through my mind. i appreciate your effort for putting up this article.

  5. Dr. Christopher Brill says:

    I never gave the “About Me” page much attention before I read this article. I didn’t feel comfortable writing about myself. I have come along way as a business man the past couple years, learning all I could about (SEO) and increasing my visibility. I spent a lot of time and effort working on my website but always dreaded my “about me” tab. After reading this article I now feel more comfortable and understand why I need to give this topic more respect.
    Thanks Rae!

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