I don’t often make short posts here in Sugarrae. But my recent reader survey told me that 32.3% of my readers don’t currently do affiliate marketing, but would like to.

The video below is actually an advertisement so to speak for Affiliate Summit – which is the largest conference centered around affiliate marketing in the world (to my knowledge). I was asked to participate in it (I’m, the chick in the PushFire shirt) because of my belief in not only the industry, but also in the experience you get by attending the conference. And I’m accompanied by some awesome people from both the SEO and affiliate industry.

What it actually ends up being is a public service announcement for affiliate marketing in general as well. If you’ve been debating getting into affiliate marketing, it’s time to stop debating and time to start acting. And because of the newcomer program, I’d highly suggest you also consider attending an Affiliate Summit (held three times a year in Las Vegas, Austin and New York City).

The next one is in Las Vegas (Affiliate Summit West) at Caesars Palace from January 13-15, 2013. If you plan to attend, let me know, because I’ll be there. Cheers.

Is Pinterest part of your marketing plan?

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