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Why You Should Get Into Affiliate Marketing (and Go to Affiliate Summit)


  1. Thanks for this. I’ve had affiliate marketing on the brain but no real starting point. As Jan is still a ways away. Is there one of the affiliate management companies (ejunkie ect) that you would recommend to a biz owner that wants to begin partnering with affiliates to offer my info products?

    • Elizabeth – what I can tell you as an affiliate is that I prefer clickbank.com for information products as I think their system is a bit easier to work with as an affiliate – and they’ve never been late on a payment in all the years I’ve used them. Not saying e-junkie is bad at all – just that I’ve only had minor experience with them. I’ve used clickbank as both an affiliate and a merchant. Hope this helps!

  2. Hi Sugar. The Affiliate Summit is something I would love to attend but it is always difficult breaking away from the daily routines when your stuck over the UK. Is there something similar over here? Or do you offer digital downloads of the days events after the event itself. Many thanks and have a great day

    • I don’t own the conference, but yes, I know that they do offer videos of the sessions to “All Access Pass” and “VIP Pass” and “Networking Plus Pass” holders right after the event. :)

  3. Just found this. I’ve been in bricks and mortar forever and online affiliate selling sounds very interesting. Do you have any suggestions for clothing affiliates? Wish I could go to a conference but I would need to develop a way to pay…

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