With all the recent discussions about finding your drive to get what you want in life, I figured it might be a good, constructive idea to follow up with some practical advice on how to avoid getting distracted and downright derailed from your goals.

So next week, I’ll be doing a series of posts that detail what I see as being the most common reasons so many people fail, financially, at affiliate marketing and how to overcome them:

  1. Working soft and playing hard
  2. Becoming too wrapped up in the fame game
  3. Searching for the silver bullet
  4. Analysis Paralysis
  5. Focusing on the “thrill of the chase”

Next week, I’ll be making one post per day that focuses on each of the above. Sometimes we can have the plan and we can have the drive, but we still find ourselves stagnant. They say hindsight is 20/20 and after ten years in the industry, I’ve acquired a bit of it.

One of the reasons I can identify the above is that at some point in time, I was also guilty of doing some things on this list and keeping myself and my business from experiencing the growth it could have during those times. I’ve also seen friends struggle with them as well.

I hope that this series is able to act as prevention for those just beginning in this business and a reminder for those who have already made their virtual homes within it.

So stay tuned for the first post in the series on Monday and bookmark this page (delicious rocks for this) since I’ll be updating it every time a new post goes up to keep access to all five posts in the series in one spot.

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