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Finding the Time to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing


  1. John Callaghan says:

    Excellent post. I think for those who have a career in SEO/affiliate marketing it’s impossible to fail. Either through profit or learning there is a lot of value in process.

    I realised I was under-using the time I spent watching sports so I got an extra monitor and have one for steaming and the other for working.

  2. Kelly McCausey says:

    Well put as usual Rae!

    I know dozens of people who understand and can complete the steps you mention and they just don’t do it.

    Maybe they’re saying they don’t have time but I think it’s more likely that they don’t have motivation – they’re not hungry enough to Do It.

    What’s it going to take to stir up some real hunger? !

  3. Vinny O'Hare says:

    Great post
    One excuse I hear all the time is “My hour commute to my 9-5 job takes all my time” I call Bullshit to that one.

    Last week I commuted into NYC 3 times and wrote 4 or 5 blog post on my droid, copy and paste into an email and I had them to uploaded to my site each day.

    Even if you just jot down notes and make them into a blog post later there is no excuse, it also gets your creative juices going.

  4. Bill Parlaman says:

    Nice Post Rae,

    I have found just doing something, whether it works or not is the way to go. I’ve learned more from mistakes than successes.

    Question for you, there is a lot of talk about Google favoring BIG BRANDS and some predict the end of affiliate marketing. What have you seen in this regard and what can people do to avoid being shut out by big brands when running an affiliate marketing business?



  5. The amount of time you have is proportional to how bad you want it.

  6. Mauricio Prinzlau says:


    I’d love you to post more in your blog. I really enjoy your posts. In fact, it was you that made me enter affiliate marketing again and just get started – not wasting too much time thinking about why I couldn’t, wouldn’t, shouldn’t. Well and here I am I devoted time and effort into a quality site with good content (written content + video is a killer combination these days) and revenue is already dripping in. I created a facebook page and am getting some likes and shares here and there and I guess I’ll build ‘my little empire’ from now on.

    I guess my advantage is that my motivation is to create great content. I pretty much don’t care about the niche, therefore I could potentially enter into lots of niches. Again, you made me buy Thesis eventually and, despite some negative reviews I read lately, I just love it. I love the freedom and SEO Power it gives me.

    Thanks again for this post.

  7. Lynn Terry says:

    Awesome post, Rae. From one successful single mother to another… right on! ;-)

  8. Thanks for a good post and a reminder that our time could be spent doing so many more productive things that will help us create a better future if we only take a minute to see where we can make it all fit. I spend a lot of time on Facebook as well, and I often can be found watching those missed shows online instead of doing something for my site. We just need to want it bad enough if we are to truly get somewhere and build something that will sustain us.

    Now…off to do some blog posts.

  9. Great post Rae!

    I know that I made excuses over the years. Now that I am doing online marketing full-time, I still make excuses and find errands to run. It is a matter of really sitting down and getting something done that will move you forward.

    Keep up the good writing. Thanks!

    – Rick

  10. Investment Management says:

    I’ve been reading your site for a while, and I must say that you are amazingly good at cutting out the BS and giving it to us straight. Even though I am slowly growing with SEO, I still feel that I don’t have enough time. This post is really going to help me. I think my problem is more about having the time, but not having the discipline to sit down and grind out some work. Let me get to that now… :)

  11. Ellen C. Braun says:

    Rae, I’ve been following you quietly for years- what a terrific inspiration!

    I’m also a mom of 3 juggling multiple responsibilities. Yet, if you make the time, you’ll reap the rewards:)

  12. Denise O'Berry says:

    Excellent as usual! And for those of you who can’t even seem to find an hour, you’d be amazed at what you can get done in 15 minutes. But you “gotta wanna.” If you don’t have the fire in your belly to get it done — you won’t. Either get a move on and do it or be truthful to yourself and step aside.

  13. Dave Starr says:

    Well written, well thought out. The time is there, if you want to use it to build a business. If you don’t want to use, it, then don’t, but realize it is a conscious decision.

    Yesterday I spent a few hours working while the TV blatted on in the next room. My wife and our niece, who lives with us while she is going to college, were watching a 4 or 5 hour “catch up marathon” of yet another TV voice talent competition show. OK, fine.

    (the gimmick of this show is that the judges turn their backs while judging. Pretend you’re one of those judges and you too will have time for building your own success)

    But my niece who wants to earn and has real family needs for whatever money she could make, has continually turned down offers to mentor and get her setup with a site … why? You guessed it. “I don’t have time, uncle”.

    Think of this. Time is the one thing we all, each and every one of us, has in absolutely equal proportions. Poor or rich.

    With all his wealth and talent, we all of us, each one reading these words, still has infinitely more time than Steve Jobs (RIP, Steve). We just have to decide HOW we will use our riches.

  14. Andrew McGovern says:

    I clicked through to this post from Twitter because I have always thought that the people who are successful online have the spare time and some spare money to invest in their business.
    Your post and the comments from the readers have given me some ideas and inspired me to work harder on my blog. My first tasks are to install a new theme (I’m not sure about Thesis yet) and to create more original quality content.

  15. Rich Mistkowski says:

    Rae, been stuck at week 3 for quite some time, with absolutely no valid excuses! Other than trying to write the PERFECT content. That seems to be the only excuse I can muster.

    Once again, you hit it right on the head.

  16. Good reminder that we are responsible for our actions and make time for the things that are important to us. Not having time is rarely if ever a worthy excuse it just means I choose not to or have not gotten my time management skills up to par.

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