A few months ago I did an article about finding the money to get started in affiliate marketing as a result of feedback from my readers when I asked them what was holding them back from finding success with affiliate marketing.

TimeThe second most common reason people cite for their lack of affiliate success? No time.

I get it. You have a lot going on in your life. Maybe a regular job. Maybe kids to shuffle back and forth to everything from piano to football.

Maybe you’re caring for a sick family member. Maybe it’s a combination of any or all the typical things that keep us busy in life. You just can’t find the time.

Again I’ll say… [said with tough love] Bullshit.

You have the time. You simply need to MAKE the time.

I took a deeper look into the first ten folks who cited lack of time as a reason. I found them active on Twitter. I found them posting on message boards. I found them discussing TV shows. No – the time was there. It was the prioritizing of their time that was missing.

When I started in this industry, I was a young mom, with one, then two, then three young children. One was severely multiple handicapped. I had a GED, no money and eventually became a single mom. But I simply knew that no one – but me – was going to change my path in life. So I found ways to make the time. You simply have to commit to doing so as well.

The time needed

The first mistake most folks make is thinking that you need to have forty hours a week to devote to doing affiliate marketing. And that’s simply not true.

Would it be awesome? Yes.

Is it realistic for most people? No.

And it doesn’t need to be. Even a few hours a week can get you started down the path to earning some pocket cash or changing your career (depending on your goal).

Picture you have four hours per week to get started with affiliate marketing (I assure you that 99% of you actually have more than that). I’m going to assume you already have a thought for a niche and have bought a domain name.

Week one you download WordPress, purchase the Thesis theme, read Joost de Valk’s guide to WordPress SEO and implement it on your new site.

Week two you outline what your site is going to cover and start building out the wireframe (this is where you create blank pages for all the sections you know you’ll want to have on the site, including boiler plate pages and content pages and/or categories).

For two to three weeks after that, you begin to add some quality content.

Then you spend two hours each week adding to your own content and two hours each week building quality links.

The more time you can find, the more time you split between those two tasks. Before you know it, you have an affiliate site. As your ranks increase, as revenue starts coming in, I guarantee you that you’ll find even more time to take your affiliate site to the next level (and start adding in efforts towards social media).

The most important part of this process is merely finding the time to dedicate and then following through with working on things that will be productive for your site.

How to “find” the time

Now we’re back to the original claim. That you don’t “have” the time right? I didn’t either, so I started finding places where I could create it. Those two TV show I always watched every week? Two hours that I could spend on creating a site instead. I decided I could function with six hours or sleep instead of eight each night. That equated to twelve more hours per week. The hour long call I had with my girlfriend three days a week? I cut it down to two days a week. Another hour. Three simple changes and I had 15 hours per week to devote to building an affiliate business.

All the articles you spend hours a week reading to learn something you have still yet to implement? Cut the time you spend reading them in half or better yet – cut them out completely until you’ve committed to actually starting instead of planning.

Cut your time on Twitter in half. Cut your time on Facebook in half.

The time is there. You simply have to start taking it and putting it towards the goals that will eventually give you more time to do all the fun stuff in life. And I assure you that no amount of living through your TV, social networks or a few extra hours of sleep will ever give you as much enjoyment as being able to go out and LIVE life with the extra income you can generate with affiliate marketing.

The “I don’t have the time” excuse is the same as the “I don’t have the money” excuse. It is simply your mind being scared to fail. And you’re the only one that can prove it wrong.

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