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How I Create a Strategy for a New Blog or Affiliate Site – Part 1 (Identifying the Demographic)


  1. Chris Grant says:

    You share REAL information – more than most people. Thanks. I never leave one of your emails unopened.

  2. Great post – surprised you haven’t had more comments. Hope that’s not deterring you from writing part 2? ;)

    • Rae Hoffman says:

      It’s funny – on my user survey every year, folks unanimously ask me to write more beginner affiliate tutorials. And every time, they are consistently the LEAST interacted with types of posts on the blog – social wise and comment wise. If people don’t “speak up” with some interaction, it eventually leads to me assuming I should be writing on different topics, yes. ;-)

      • Maybe readers interested in beginner affiliate tutorials don’t comment much because they are that: beginners, and feel that they have nothing to contribute or are embarrassed to ask something that they might find after a little of research online. At least that pretty much sums up my behavior when reading blogs with information about marketing online/affiliate/SEO/etc. A mix between being embarrassed and not wanting to ask things that are probably too basic. So I just keep reading and reading until I feel more confident.

        I guess a “thank you, great post!” is never bad :)

        Thank you! Great post! :P

        • Rae Hoffman says:

          Ha! Thanks Cati! Yeah – the biggest thing people tell me re those posts is that they don’t feel they have anything to add in the comments and that they don’t want too many others to have the information regarding shares.

          I always tell my team (and maybe I should tell my readers too) that there are only two stupid questions. The one you don’t ask and the one you ask twice. ;-)

  3. Looking forward to part 2!!

  4. Excellent write up and straight forward approach to researching and planning. Enjoyed reading it and look forward to part 2!! Thanks!!

  5. Rob T. Case says:

    Sincerely wish I’d had this process laid out so clearly years ago. Would have saved me so much time and money.

    Thanks Rae.

  6. Wow! I’ve been wanting to start a blog for years, and this is the first time I’ve seen a method laid out so clearly that I can follow and start mapping it out. Thanks!

  7. Sincerely amazing stuff here. I mean there’s enough here in simple terms to even put people in jobs at companies that still have no strategy.

  8. Melissa Monte says:

    Awesome blog post. It’s just what I’ve been looking for actually. I only skimmed it for now but I saved it to evernote AND signed up for your email list. Thanks for this helpful info!

  9. Susan Gullion says:

    Perfect timing. I have an SEO background and am now getting into affiliate marketing. I figure with my SEO skills, I should be able to get ranking fairly quickly (fingers crossed). Your methodical strategic process is just want I need to direct my entry into this new field.

  10. Great post. Why did you choose pink color for your blog? Because most of your visitors are female or you just like it? Did you do any test before deciding on color?

    • Actually, most of my visitors are male. :) The color scheme for my blog was chosen a decade ago and I’ve always kept it. It was meant to be ironic, as I’m not a girly girl, so pink wasn’t what you’d think of when you thought of me. I also was attempting to get a vibe close to the old show “Laugh In.”

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