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4 Simple Steps To Protecting Your Affiliate Niches


  1. Melissa - SEO Aware says:

    So is the Eclipse Link Cloaker the only way to go, in your opinion, when redirecting affiliate links? Any other options you recommend?

  2. Rae Hoffman-Dolan says:

    As I said in the review of Eclipse, GoCodes is definitely a free option for folks that don’t do a ton of redirecting. You can also do it the manual way (good old fashioned htaccess.) For me, Eclipse’s functionality makes my life easier and saves me time. Considering it’s only 57 bucks, and I’ve currently got it running on numerous sites (more added all the time as I get around to it), the price is so minimal for the features I get vs using the free or manual options (such as automatically adding links to phrases or the various ways you can use the automatic redirect feature.) It really depends on your needs. For me, it’s now all I use.

  3. Holy crap! this article was very insightful. It blows my mind that people actually are lame enough to just try to piggy back off of anyone’s hard work and creative savvy. But it seems it happens and there are ways to “protect” against them. Now I have a whole new skill set to learn. I just started getting the hang of backlinking. Rae I really enjoy your ” in your face, this is how it is” style of writing and providing crazy cool, useful, content. thanks! brian

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