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If you know me, you know I love football. Like, I LOVE FOOTBALL. Depsite that fact that my team sucks and therefore hasn’t been to the Super Bowl since 2002 (and that was our one and only time), Super Bowl is my second favorite holiday of the year (Yes, it IS a “holiday” in my house).

I haven’t had a Super Bowl party since I’d moved to Texas, but this year we’d met enough people to have one – and I decided this is Texas, so I’m going to do it with a bang (well, as much bang as someone non-crafty like me can do).

So seven months ago I started pinning various ideas for Super Bowl party decor and food. I was surprised by the number of repins I got from things that I added to that board, so I decided to share my Superbowl setup here on the blog.

A caveat though before I begin. I’m not “crafty” and all of my ideas are simple (or were modified to BE simple from other pins) as a result – AKA, even the craft impaired like me can pull them off. Also note that the pics below were taken by multiple cameras, thus the difference in quality, lighting, etc and none of us are professional photographers. ;-) Additionally, I didn’t have time to clean the background before taking the pictures… people were literally hovering the counters waiting to dig in, LOL.

Super Bowl setup

The “Football Field”

Making my outer counter look like a football field intimidated me at first. I’d pinned multiple examples, but they all seemed harder than they needed to be (ironing on numbers or gluing ribbons as the field lines, etc) – so I modified it a bit for the craftily impaired like myself.


Enough green felt to cover the space you need
Double-sided tape
Measuring tape
Number stickers
Medical tape
Rubbing alcohol

I laid out the felt for the area I needed to cover and taped the right side down with medical tape (two lines of it, slightly overlapped to be sure it held). Then I smoothed out the felt moving from where I taped towards the other end, being sure it was as flat and tight as possible. Then I taped the other end (two lines again). I then lined all the outer edges of the fabric (cut to cover the counter and wrap underneath, but not much more) with double-sided tape and pressed it down being sure to tighten the fabric while doing so.

Next I used the measuring tape to find the middle of the the fabric and taped the “50 yard line” with a single line of medical tape. Then I found the middle between the 50 yard line and each side to tape the 40 yard lines. Then I simply stuck the white numbers I’d bought to the felt.

Where does the rubbing alcohol come in? When you remove this the next day, you’re going to have a lot of stickiness from the tape on your counter – rubbing alcohol will help it come off a lot easier.

One more thing I will mention – I’d make the “football field” on the morning OF Super Bowl and not do it the night before. The counter looked AMAZING when the party started. It held up really well too. However, this morning, I can see a few pieces of double-sided tape starting to loosen.

The Food

I’m actually a very good cook. But, I’m not a “presentation” cook – I’m a “taste” cook. Most of the recipes I tried were 100% new to me. So, I had one shot to get them right. I tried to pick cool items that looked great, but seemed easy to make. Not a single one disappointed me. :) AKA, if *I* can do these recipes without ending up as a candidate for PinterestFail, anyone can.

Seven Layer Dip Cups

Seven Layer Dip Cups
I followed the recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything to the letter.

Beer-candied Bacon

Beer-candied Bacon
I found the recipe over at Tide and Thyme (I used Coors Light for beer brand though, natch). Beer, brown sugar and bacon? What’s not to love? However, her recipe did not produce the “look” in her original picture. Either the heat needed to be higher to get that level of “crisp” or the cooking time needed to be longer. But, the taste was awesome anyway and the adults quickly devoured it. (Wear an apron unless you don’t mind ruining a short with grease stains).

Mini Corn Dog Muffins

Mini Corn Dog Muffins
I found the original recipe at Iowa Girl Eats. However, I didn’t see the point in making my own corn bread from scratch when I could just use boxes of Jiffy Corn Bread Mix. Time wise and “making sure it came out right wise” it just seemed like the safer bet. Super easy and the kids LOVED these. I made 72 of these (3 boxes of Jiffy corn bread mix and 12 hot dogs) and they were gone within an hour.

Loaded Baked Potato Dip

Loaded Baked Potato Dip
I found the original recipe at My Recipes and made it to the letter and coupled it with waffle fries as suggested. Looks wise, it came out great. The potato dip had a great taste, but the next time I make this, I’ll be cutting down the cheese from 8 ounces (a whole bag) to 6 ounces – there was a LOT of cheese in this thing. Also, I’d read the reviews before making it and many folks said to let it get to room temperature before you’re going to eat it. I made it the night before to let the flavors set, but it definitely should be served at room temperature (which I did) because otherwise, it’s too “set” to actually dip anything into it.

Mini pizzas

Mini Pizzas
My only regret is that I didn’t make more of these (I made 24, they were gone in less than 3 minutes). Absolutely the top hit with the kids. I found the recipe over at Dashing Dish. The only change I made was not adding the spices and Parmesan cheese. I just did straight up pizza sauce, shredded mozzarella and pepperonis. My picture isn’t the greatest, but these came out EXACTLY as pictured in the original recipe. This will definitely be a recipe we make on the regular too.

Gameday Chili

Chili Station
Sorry, but I’m not sharing the chili recipe. :P However, the reason I posted a picture of the chili “station” was to point out two things I’ve found to work well. Some people love spicy chili, but not everyone does – especially kids. I make the chili edible by all and then set up Jalepenos and Habernos on the side for people to cut up and spice it up to their preferences. Additionally, the Styrofoam cups are WAY better than bowls, particularly if you have a lot of kids attending. Bowls are easy to tip and spill. The cups work much better in that regard.

Deviled Footballs

Deviled Footballs
I originally saw the “Deviled Footballs” idea (making deviled eggs look like footballs) at My Recipes. However, I don’t even know what Mango Chutney is, so I went with a standard deviled egg recipe and simply stole the idea of adding the chives to create laces on the top. While it didn’t look as ridiculously perfect as the picture, they definitely looked like footballs. :)

Chicken Bacon Ranch Sliders

Chicken Bacon Ranch Sliders
I got the recipe for the Chicken Bacon Ranch sliders from Food, Family and Finds. I bought a little squeeze bottle and filled it with Ranch to make the drizzles on top. The only thing I will suggest is to GREASE to pan or foil before you bake these. Unless you’re able to perfectly spread cheese so none of it falls off the cracker, they WILL stick to the foil. These took 5 minutes to bake and 15 minutes to get on a tray, LOL.

Touchdown Cupcakes and Jello Shots

As I mentioned, people were dying to eat. Somehow, we didn’t get any really decent pictures of the above where you can really see them.

For the Jello shots, I took a standard recipe from About and quadrupled it for each “team” color. The Jello shots were a bit strong, but still awesome. I used Cherry for the 49ers and Grape for the Ravens. If a team color isn’t available, food coloring will work. I chose to set these in 13×9 baking pans and then slice them into squares and put them all in the same bowl to serve rather than to use shooter cups.

I saw the Touchdown Cupcakes design on Flickr. I got some disposable icing bags and used some Duncan Hines whipped chocolate frosting to fill them with a tip that looked like it would make those kind of lines (sorry, tossed the wrapper before I thought to see what make/size). Then I used a Wilton icing writer to make a single line down the center. Because of the “runniness” of the writer consistency, I had to freeze it for about 20 minutes before making the lines. Even then it was still a little “runny” but with the grooves of the chocolate lines, a single line down the center filled into the grooves and totally looked like laces.

The Food Labels

Nearly everyone asked me last night how I did the labels. I found the printables for them at Hostess with the Mostess. I downloaded the PDF of the labels, opened it in Photoshop Elements, added the foods I was making to them and printed them out on 110 lb. white index card paper. :)

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