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My Super Bowl Party Setup


  1. Once again Rae proves that nobody does content quite as good as her.

  2. I’m hungry now – any leftovers?

    (Stop saying you’re not crafty. This all looks plenty crafty to me. You could cater my football party any time, if I had one)

  3. Alison Groves says:

    I hosted a party last night that a good chunk of the only Raven team that matters showed up for. We were far more BYOSnacks, but I made these meatball sliders that were eaten before I could get the next tray of them out. A hit with the kids too. http://www.ezrapoundcake.com/archives/18818

  4. Aussiewebmaster says:

    I just want to know why I did not get an invite :)

  5. Kristy Bolsinger says:

    Dude. Are you freaking serious? I’m coming to your house next year. Oh wait….The hawks will be playing at the superbowl next year. Let’s meet there ;)

  6. Looks super good! I like the mini corn dog muffins thing, going to have to try that.

  7. Whatever SR!!!! WTH! I feel like my party food sucked now! (cooked for days)

    Thanks a lot!

    Next year….ill will be better prepared for a throwdown! :-)

  8. Janet Brunner says:

    Great job on the football field counter, and the seven layer dip cups are a great idea! Must have been fun setting it all up, (and eating it too.)

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