Please Support Me in the Heart and Stroke Walk

On November 8, 2014 I will once again be walking in the Houston Heart and Stroke Walk.

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If you’ve read about my entry to Internet marketing then you know that I have a son that was severely multiply handicapped – both physically and mentally – as a result of suffering a massive bilateral stroke (which means he had a stroke on both sides of his brain – something that is rare, even in adults) at two weeks of age.

CJ HoffmanMy son had to endure more in the fifteen years he spent on this earth than most people will in a lifetime. And while I can’t change what he went through during his life, I absolutely hope to help prevent other babies, children, adults or families from going through it.

On November 29, 2012 my son passed away from Pneumonia as a result of the conditions his initial stroke had caused. But his impact on this world – and his fight against pediatric stroke – will continue to go on.

stroke walkYou can help support the fight (see where the money goes) against childhood stroke – and all other forms of stroke and heart disease in a variety of ways…

The official donation page

donateMy donation page for the Houston Heart and Stroke Walk is here and the minimum contribution amount is $27.35. All donations to the walk via the official donation page are tax deductible.

Buy a poster, help save lives

donateBuy a copy of the How Affiliate Marketing Works poster for $25 via Zazzle. All proceeds from the poster sales are donated to the heart walk. You get some awesome decor and money is donated to the Stroke Walk. Win, win!

If you live in Houston, consider walking with us

heart walkMy husband and children will be walking with me and I welcome any other locals who would like to as well. My goal for this year is to have at least two of my friends do the walk with me – so if you’re up for it, local or not, please consider signing up! You can sign up via the Fight Childhood Stroke Team page and we’ll be heading out for a pint or two after the walk to reward ourselves for doing actual physical movement. ;-)

Consider supporting the walk in your own area

heart walkIf you don’t live local to Houston, you can always find your local Heart and Stroke walk and get involved!

And thank you again to all of the folks who supported me in the 2013 walk, the 2012 walk and the 2011 walk. Let’s repeat operation kick childhood stroke’s ass. :)

CJs Billboard

Did You Know?

Heart disease is…

  • the leading cause of death for both men and women. Half of the deaths due to heart disease in 2006 were women.
  • the cause of 26% of all deaths in the United States – that’s more than one in every four.
  • costing the United States 300 billion dollars per year in health care services, medications, and lost productivity

Stroke is…

  • the third leading cause of death in the United States
  • the leading cause of serious, long-term disability in the United States
  • not limited to older people – nearly one quarter of strokes occur in people under the age of 65

Childhood stroke is…

  • not limited to infants and children – strokes can even occur while a fetus is “in-utero”
  • one of the top 10 causes of death for children – nearly 20-40% of children die as a result of their stroke

Help Create Change

Please help change these statistics and donate to the stroke walk now – Stroke Walk Page