Google Puts the Smackdown on Sugarrae


This is a tough post for me to write, but I'm going to write it because it should serve as an example. Let me first give you a little history. Picture it (kudos to anyone who got that intro)... I wasn't always known as Sugarrae online... I switched ...
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Hey Shari Thurow – Stop Sterotyping SEOs


You know, I am starting to feel like most of my blog posts are seo rants and last week I decided to try and lay off the rants for a while. But then I came across a column today over at Search Engine Land by Shari Thurow that made me fucking fume. It ...
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Alright Andrew Goodman, Let’s Rock and Roll


So, it would seem Andrew Goodman didn't like my latest rant about SEO as a popularity contest. Normally, I ignore this type of stuff as everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But, when my words get twisted into comments I don't even recognize ...
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Newsflash: You’re Damn Right It’s a Popularity Contest


I am going to break my normal rules of laziness and post twice in one day to get one huge sentiment off my chest: search engine optimization is now and has been since the arrival of Google, a popularity contest - you either learn to compete or ...
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A Note to My Fellow Women of SEO

Fellow Women of SEO

A while back there was a huge debate about women in search. The topic being whether or not there were enough of us and some statements that women in search tend to be more geared towards search engine marketing rather than search engine ...
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Google, What the Hell Does it Take to Become a Word?


I'm going to write about something completely trivial because it is and has been annoying the hell out of me. I am wondering what the hell the qualifications are for a word to "become" a word by Google's standards. What the hell am I babbling ...
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MerchantCircle Can Kiss My Consumer Ass


I was wandering around the Blogosphere when I got home from New York SEO Class and came across a post about MerchantCircle. He was essentially complaining about the lack of usability and useful layout and/or information on the ...
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Wired and Annalee Newitz Drop the Ball


I read an article in Wired while I was on the plane last weekend and it annoyed me so much that I actually took notes in the magazine to write a blog post about it, but had to wait until the article was released this morning on Wired for you guys to ...
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Alright Guys, Listen the Hell Up


So, when I moved the blog from its old domain to this one, I said I wasn't sure how things would pan out... my attempt was never to make this thing an "SEO blog". But god damn if having my blog on the same address that my business card carries didn't ...
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