Alright Guys, Listen the Hell Up

So, when I moved the blog from its old domain to this one, I said I wasn’t sure how things would pan out… my attempt was never to make this thing an “SEO blog”. But god damn if having my blog on the same address that my business card carries didn’t make me feel as if I *should* be blogging about search engine marketing related shit all the time. Well, you know what?

That bores the living hell out of me

So, I’m putting you all on notice of the following…

1. This is my blog and I’ll write about what I want, when I want, and anyone who doesn’t like it is free to bite me.

2. I think, eat, sleep and read SEM all god damn day. There is very little that isn’t being written about on 45 other search engine industry blogs. When I do feel like talking about SEO, I have a place to do so.

3. I’m not as dedicated as some bloggers out there, and since this blog isn’t an “income thing” for me, I am *allowed* to be as lazy as I freaking feel like it.

4. I miss my “old crew” of frequent visitors who are bored as shit with half the topics on here now that my blog looks like it became a corporate whore for hire.

5. I say fuck. I say fuck a lot. Anyone who has ever met me is well aware of that. And if I want to say fuck, then damn it, I’m going to say fuck. Screw the fact that some people are having to watch their personalities to avoid “defiling” my blog.

6. I loved getting to do things like the recent interview I did with YPN and plan to do more on occasion when a company has balls enough to be on my site, even though it isn’t politically correct and full of all the latest SEM news. Who knows, maybe Technorati won’t mind being one post above a post about whether or not you pee in the shower.

7. I’m not “corporate”. I’m not a “schmoozer”. But I am me, I like me, from now on I’m posting whatever the fuck I feel like it and if *you* don’t like me, well, take a guess on what you can do.

If you’re someone viewing my site after meeting me at a conference or a “potential client” and you don’t like my personal fodder, conversations about fake breasts and me talking about the latest episode of the Sopranos (I’ll be doing a three week recap on that Monday) then I am not your gal.

This is my space (not to be confused with MySpace) and I don’t need to blog about SEM all day for anyone to know after a ten minute conversation with me that I know my shit and know it well.

Wow. I feel a *lot* better now. I’m probably going to see my RSS subscriber count take a hit from all those hoping I’ll post some amazing link development revelations, but fuck it. I’m doing what makes *me* happy.

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