The Updated Unofficial and Smartass Guide to Using Facebook


When I originally wrote the Facebook guide, I didn't expect it to be quite the "resource" it turned out to be. But, it ended up being one and I've had many requests to update the guide since a lot of features have been added since these Facebook ...
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More on the Compare People Premium Service


As most of you know, I was quite pissed off to find out that the compare people application over at Facebook was now selling details of the rankings it had promised on the application page would be anonymous. The nosy as hell whore couldn't pass ...
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Compare People Facebook App Pulls a Bait and Switch?


If you've been utilizing Facebook a lot, you've probably noticed a lot of your friends using the compare people application. What is it? Well, it's an app created by Ivko Maksimovic that allows you to compare two friends on random questions... ...
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The Unofficial and Smartass Guide to Using Facebook


Edited to add: PLEASE SEE UPDATED VERSION... here and update any bookmark links leading to the Facebook guide. This page only exists to redirect folks who land here somehow. ...
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Nine Reasons You Should Be Using and Watching Facebook


At the beginning of the year, I did a meme I had been tagged for by Kim for predictions for the new year. One of the predictions I made was the following: “I think Facebook will start emerging as a prime social networking choice for the over ...
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