How To Easily Create Your Own URL Shortener With WordPress


This morning I set up a site with it’s own URL “shortening service” so to speak and some folks thought you guys might want to know how I did it. With all the talk of Tweet-Jacking and concerns regarding the branding you’re doing for URL shortening ...
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Announcing Tweetwasters

A few weeks ago, I was attempting to point out how much time Streko spent on Twitter (whether or not I spend more time than him on Twitter is irrelevant) and after a number of calculations, gave it to him in actual "time". He thought it would make ...
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Twitter Lays Down for Google

Rankings Held Prisoner?

Or do they just not trust you? As you may have heard, Twitter recently decided to "nofollow" links left in the "bio" section of user profiles. The "web" link has long been a nofollow link, but the bio links passed popularity until Dave Naylor ...
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Twitter Cloaking to Show Adsense Ads

Twitter cloaking Adsense

Ok, so, I have been doing a little redesigning on Sugarrae as you all have probably noticed and I added the user photo plugin. The plugin will show pictures for commenters and authors - and since I have a lot of guest posts, I went to grab some ...
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Twitter Case Study of a Commercial Brand

Twitter case study

Anytime someone asks how a business can use Twitter effectively, most people point to the twitter accounts of big brands like Comcast and Zappos. While both companies are definitely standout examples of how you can use Twitter for business, you ...
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Facebook No Longer Wants Random Play

Random Play

There was a change at Facebook recently that seems to allude to a change in focus. For a long time, in the "looking for" area, there have been two options that often made people laugh when they saw them... "random play" and "whatever I can get"... ...
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Facebook Overtakes MySpace – For a Moment – and Some Fun Statistics


When I saw a friend invite from Brian Prince today, I thought "wow, maybe it's time to check Facebook's traffic standings" and did a quick check on Alexa. Sure enough, as I predicted about this time last year, Facebook (now six) has eclipsed MySpace ...
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Facebook Videos You Should Watch


Instead of spending your weekend surfing the net or catching up on all the latest blogger debates/slamfests/bullshit, maybe you could take some time to do something that will actually increase your knowledge base. The topic for today is Facebook and ...
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“Analysis” is Not Equal to “Basic Statistics and Assumption”


My wordpress dashboard showed that a blog was linking to mine with a post entitled: "Analysis of blogs who opened a Fb group"... however, when I clicked through, what I found was basic statistics and assumption on seo blogs with Facebook groups. He ...
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Facebook Expands Targeting Opportunities for Advertisers


I spotted Patrick Ruffini referencing a post about Facebook demographics in his twitter feed today and was surprised to see the detail they had on a chosen set of demographics. Turns out, they were able to compile those demographics via the interface ...
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