There was a change at Facebook recently that seems to allude to a change in focus. For a long time, in the “looking for” area, there have been two options that often made people laugh when they saw them… “random play” and “whatever I can get”… but those options have now been *removed* and have been replaced with “networking”.


*Note: it would appear that people currently using them are not affected, but you can no longer choose these options if they are not currently checked.

Another change that they did quietly (which I found amusing because it was a *great* addition) is that you can now also add a “former name” – which most people would use to list their maiden name. But, it could also be used to add a screen name if you chose (for instance, I could put Sugarrae in the field) or to list your full name if you go by a nickname of vice versa (mine is a combination of my maiden name and full first name).

These two changes aren’t huge deals, but it does say to me that Facebook might be trying to “grow up” and take away some of the more “brass” features that were a hit with their (former) target user base and try to morph themselves into something bigger. Picture myspace merged with linked in and… now if they could control the spam issues allowing applications has created, and keep working on the ability to monetize their user base without annoying them, this might be interesting.