Facebook Videos You Should Watch

Instead of spending your weekend surfing the net or catching up on all the latest blogger debates/slamfests/bullshit, maybe you could take some time to do something that will actually increase your knowledge base. The topic for today is Facebook and below are some videos you should take the time to watch.

The first is a video by Fred Stutzman that was presented to Googlers on the subject of a study of Facebook that Fred did. It’s 40 minutes long, but if you have any interest in the social networking space, this is a must see:

If you enjoyed that video by Fred, check him out moderating a panel on social networking at the CIE Entrepreneur Speaker Series or read one of his numerous interviews.

If you’ve been wondering what developing an application for Facebook is all about, check out Part One of the Facebook Developer Garage in Palo Alto:

If you found part one interesting, you can find part two and part three on YouTube as well. You can also find two slides from the same event there as well.

If you’re still feeling like you need to check a blog and read some drama filled with paranoia and conspiracy theories, you can find that in a Facebook video as well:

Watching the above will give you a few shivers, but also show you some of the possible humps social networking sites like Facebook might hit when trying to monetize their user population. It also gives well over your daily requirement of conspiracy theories. Don your tin hat.

There is a site out there called Face Reviews which offers information on Facebook and they recently did a video interview with Justin of Inside Facebook:

If you enjoyed that video or want to see how everyday users, and not internet savvy marketers, view Facebook, you might be interested in checking out some of the various videos they have been putting out on the topic.

If you’re still struggling to “get” Facebook, check out this interview done by CBC news on the “Facebook phenomenon”:

For another video done by some of their largest single user group – college students – that shows an “outsiders” view of the social networking phenomenon click here.

In the video from CBC, you’ll notice they touch on the way Facebook is being utilizing in politics. Below you’ll see a report from ABC News on how Facebook is changing the presidential campaigning landscape:

If you’re trying to figure out how to monetize a Facebook application to make it worth your while to develop one, check out this interview with Pod Class and Rodney Rumford on monetizing Facebook applications:

You’ll find the subsequent parts here. As a side note, these guys may be experts on monetizing new media, but they seem to suck at SEO when neither of them ranks number one for Pod Class or Rodney Rumford. Let me know if you guys would like some advice on that. ;-)

If you’d like to hear Marissa Mayer speaking on the topic of Facebook applications (along with gadgets for the Google homepage of course), check out her short statement on the topic:

And last, though certainly not least, if you’re looking for a laugh today, check out the parody some students did of the famous eHarmony commercials:

And if you need more, check out some of the other numerous Facebook Parodies for your viewing pleasure.

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