Facebook Overtakes MySpace – For a Moment – and Some Fun Statistics

When I saw a friend invite from Brian Prince today, I thought “wow, maybe it’s time to check Facebook’s traffic standings” and did a quick check on Alexa. Sure enough, as I predicted about this time last year, Facebook (now six) has eclipsed MySpace (now seven), albeit slightly, and temporarily – for now – in the Alexa rankings.

A quick search around the Blogosphere showed me that a few other people had already reported the shift, which looks like it officially took place last week. There were a few things about the stats though that I thought were worth mentioning that I hadn’t seen mentioned elsewhere.

The first is to note the difference in the countries the users come from. In the US, myspace is still the winner. But, Facebook is kicking myspace ass in places like the UK (as Dave noticed a while back), Canada, Egypt, South Africa and more.

See the chart below for a more side by side comparison (the OC stands for other countries which is appears a stat is lumped into if the percentage isn’t at least 0.6%). Myspace wins are in blue and Facebook in purple… yes, I know this isn’t an exact science, but as their so close in Alexa rank, it was worth looking at.

Additionally, take a look at the rankings in the sample countries of both Facebook and myspace when compared to that of Internet giants Google.com and Yahoo.com.

Another interesting thing to check out was the percentage of visitors to Facebook as stated by Alexa vs. the percentage of Facebook’s combined “55 million active users” in each of those countries based on Facebook’s statistics from its social ad service.

But all in all, it would seem Facebook hasn’t eclipsed myspace for very long. According to the end of the graph when shown as a one month graph, you can see Facebook dips below myspace again.

Nonetheless, I’m sure myspace, and its owners, weren’t too happy to see the temporary pass. The question is, how does myspace compete to retain their number one ranking in the social space… if they even can. My other question is with Facebook being a top destination, why haven’t they partnered with a search engine ala CNN to make money on the search ads…

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  1. It’s amazing to think the impact social media has had on the world in the last 5 years. It has changed the way that basically everybody lives.

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