Cool Design Feature or Accident Waiting to Happen?


So, a friend and I were having a conversation after I mentioned dealing with several clients in the past using css layers on their sites and I thought I'd open it up for opinions, since we couldn't seem to come to an agreement on the ...
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What Makes You Follow and Trust Someone in This Field?


So, I was reading the social networking whore (I have vowed to use the word whore in his anchor text for at least six months) the other day and saw him make a comment that he had trust for several people in this industry and I was listed as one ...
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Back from Vegas PubCon – Download the Presentation


So, I'm finally back from PubCon. I had a great time (see the pics). I had to speak back to back first thing Tuesday morning. I had a lot of fun in my sessions, but ended up having to speak seriously fast in the first session, so if you attended and ...
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Before You Launch that Local Small Business Website


I was approached to do a speaking gig to a group of local small business owners who owned brick and mortar businesses and wanted to launch websites to use for local and online marketing purposes. I figured since I was writing a presentation up for ...
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Better CTR on Adwords Targeting Canadians


What I'm about to say is part rant, part advice, but either way it's pretty damn simple - a fast way to improve the Adwords CTR of your website when the ads are targeted (purposely) at Canadian users - if you aren't already doing it. I moved to ...
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When Unique Content Is Not “Unique”


Disclaimer:This is meant for people striving to develop long term web properties. Those churning and burning can return to their regularly scheduled programming. ;-) I was reading a recent entry on visibility over at the seomoz blog last night and ...
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Legitimate Use of Mechanical Grunts


So, a few friends and I were talking about how some SEO firms, consultants, affiliates - whoever the hell they may be - cost themselves a lot of time and money by not automating processes. I've automated several processes for quite a while now and ...
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