Monkey Balls In Louisville Kentucky


I really don't have much to say in this post except that it's an experiment to prove something I already know, but to be able to at least have some tangible evidence of it other than simply knowing because I've been in this game so long. So, you want ...
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Break Out of Your SEO Conference Comfort Zone


I made a realization the other day. There are a ton of us who travel across the country (and sometimes the continents) many times each year to travel to the same SEO focused conferences. Not one or two, but all of them. I’m not saying there ...
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What Makes You Follow and Trust Someone in This Field?


So, I was reading the social networking whore (I have vowed to use the word whore in his anchor text for at least six months) the other day and saw him make a comment that he had trust for several people in this industry and I was listed as one ...
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Before You Launch that Local Small Business Website


I was approached to do a speaking gig to a group of local small business owners who owned brick and mortar businesses and wanted to launch websites to use for local and online marketing purposes. I figured since I was writing a presentation up for ...
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Better CTR on Adwords Targeting Canadians


What I'm about to say is part rant, part advice, but either way it's pretty damn simple - a fast way to improve the Adwords CTR of your website when the ads are targeted (purposely) at Canadian users - if you aren't already doing it. I moved to ...
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When Unique Content Is Not “Unique”


Disclaimer:This is meant for people striving to develop long term web properties. Those churning and burning can return to their regularly scheduled programming. ;-) I was reading a recent entry on visibility over at the seomoz blog last night and ...
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Legitimate Use of Mechanical Grunts


So, a few friends and I were talking about how some SEO firms, consultants, affiliates - whoever the hell they may be - cost themselves a lot of time and money by not automating processes. I've automated several processes for quite a while now and ...
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