The Number 1 Mistake New SEO Consultants Make


After having spent more than a decade in this industry as both an affiliate marketer and a provider of various SEO services, I've seen a lot of new folks enter the ranks, with their aim being to become a successful SEO consultant. And as a ...
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Why You Should Never Build Your Site on a Free Subdomain

Say no to free subdomains

As I mentioned in finding the money to get started with affiliate marketing, I've been asking my readers and subscribers for feedback on what they find to be obstacles to finding success with affiliate marketing. As a result, I've been learning a bit ...
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Simple Linking Maintenance for WordPress Sites

Linking Maintenance

The site structure of the Sugarrae blog has changed several times over the years. Sometimes for testing, sometimes for "bettering" SEO. This blog has been moved from Moveable Type, to Expression Engines, to WordPress. The internal linking ...
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SEO Checklist for Local Small Business Websites

Small business SEO checklist

Hard to believe, but it's been almost FIVE YEARS since I wrote my original primer for small business SEO basics. Now, the below information is intended to be extremely basic. If you run an e-Commerce store, dynamically generated website, ...
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Google Invests in Creating Paid Links?

Google Ventures

Wednesday I posted an interview I did with Oliver Roup after accidentally stumbling onto his company, VigLink, through an article in Internet Retailer. And something pretty interesting resulted from it - well, interesting to me as an SEO anyway. ...
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How to Pimp Your Google Places Page for Better Rankings

Google Places SEO

The following is a guest post from the kick ass Dawn Wentzell. If you are a merchant or "real business" wanting to improve your Google Places ranking with safe tactics, you need to read this one... Dealing with local search can be a headache for ...
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Tracking Search Sessions, Start to Finish

Video thumbnail for youtube video Tracking Search Sessions, Start to Finish - Sugarrae

I don't remember what I was doing today that caused me to even pay attention to the following, but while doing a search I noticed that Google was keeping my first query of the session as a parameter in the URL string, no matter what, as I kept ...
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Dear Mainstream Media – Please Remove Foot From Mouth


Google Instant. SEO is dead. Yes, I’m sick of hearing about it too. But, Greg Boser alerted me via Twitter today that TechCrunch had made a blog post that showed a clear misunderstanding of Google Instant in regards to SEO: “SEO (Search engine ...
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The Clueless, but “Whitehat”, SEO


Almost three years ago I did a blog post as a response to Shari Thurow and a column she had written stating that Blackhats were worthless, shady criminals. In it she stated: "Unfortunately, I have been an expert witness in legal cases involving SEO ...
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The Real Reasons Big Brands Don’t Rank


Someone pointed out a post to me that Advertising Age did a few days ago called “Meet the Brands Hiding on Google.” I’m assuming it was because they knew sending me something that got me a little riled meant I’d go off on a tangent and write a post ...
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