What I’m about to say is part rant, part advice, but either way it’s pretty damn simple – a fast way to improve the Adwords CTR of your website when the ads are targeted (purposely) at Canadian users – if you aren’t already doing it.

I moved to Canada a little over a year ago and let me tell you my experience with buying online thus far:

1. Most American (i.e. mainstream) companies won’t ship to me.

2. Those who will I really don’t want to because I then have to shell out about 1/4 of the retail price for duty.

3. All the search engines do a shitty job of discerning what is a Canadian site and what is a North American site in the organic results (even when searching pages in Canada).

4. Adwords geotargets to my IP, making it the most reliable (haha, let me stop to laugh for a second) place to find companies targeting Canadians (so at least number one isn’t an issue, unless they’re a moron and are randomly spending money to advertise to people who *can’t* buy from them) for specific search terms.

5. Even the Adwords results are shitty seventy percent of the time (apparently, there are a lot of morons).

So what is a girl with plenty of money to spend and no where to spend it to do?

I can tell you when I scan the Adwords ads (as a Canadian shopper, not an search marketing person) I am looking for all the regular things that say “hey, this ad is relevant”, but one thing will make me click on ad number six vs. ad number one every single time – a .ca domain and for added bonus points, mention Canadians in the ad. I find way too many .com’s who don’t ship to me listed in my geo-targeted results (morons) – enough that I have become jaded.

I was recently looking for a Canon SD550 – to buy. I’ll let you in on my thought process as I scanned the ads…

Ad mentions the product? Great. But oh no, you aren’t fooling me again or wasting five seconds of my precious time. I’m not clicking yet.

Ad mentions reviews? Great, but I doubt I’ll be able to buy it from there.

Ad says free accessories? Tempting… very tempting, but I doubt the free accessories will make up for duty costs *if* they even ship to me.

Ad says .ca, awesome. Click. What, no pictures? Screw this. Click back.

Ad says lowest pricing? What, you think it matters once I get done paying duty even if you *do* ship to me?

Ebay? No thanks. God I am so sick of seeing ebay everywhere for everything.

Ads says .ca? Wait – free shipping to *Canadians*?!?!?! They actually said something to *me*? Ding, ding, ding, ding! We have a winner. Excited click. Picture, review, decent pricing and *free* shipping. Conversion.

I’m definitely not an Adwords expert by any means – talk to him or him if you want that type of expert advice. And talking to your target audience isn’t rocket science. Yet, I wonder why, as a Canadian, it is a struggle to find Canadian stores in geo-targeted ads.

[rant] Please, for the love of God, if you ship to me, especially from within Canada and you’re targeting Canadians, tell me. If you call out to me, I’ll click. I promise. [/rant]