Back from Vegas PubCon – Download the Presentation

So, I’m finally back from PubCon. I had a great time (see the pics). I had to speak back to back first thing Tuesday morning. I had a lot of fun in my sessions, but ended up having to speak seriously fast in the first session, so if you attended and missed some things, grab a copy of the presentation I gave. I hope this helps some people delegate their link development and forgive me for speaking so fast.

The second session went pretty well. We always have fun in the link dev clinic and we do our best to help people out. If you were brave enough to let us review your site and make the session fun for attendees and asked for a follow up email after the session, you’ll have them this week. We can be a bit rough in the clinic, so these guys deserve a little extra for being on the chopping block. ;-)

Tuesday night was a great dinner followed by insane fun (rumor has it Nick is also an
insane driver) and I got to hang out with some of my favorite guys that I don’t get to see enough. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. ;-)

On Wednesday, I got to have lunch with lorax, went shopping with Chris (I want my bacon chips damn it) and Jimmy and then met up with Rand for what was supposed to be drinks and ended up being “Rae teaches Rand how to gamble and about the corruption that exists in Las Vegas”. We (I as he watched) played Paigow and Craps – if I had to guess, Rand found the craps pretty damn fascinating. I swore he was bored, but he kept insisting otherwise. ;-)

After a hard day of gambling Wednesday, we (thanks dogballs for the pic!) hit the YPN party – which was amazing. Seriously, kudos to the hard working crew who planned it. It occured at the Playboy sky villa suite in the Palms, complete with a pool on the balcony. Once in a lifetime opportunity and I was one of the first people in the pool (I heard rumors of the pool and packed a suit – god willing, you won’t see any pictures LOL). Amazing view. It was awesome. Thanks again to the YPN crew for arranging it. It will be hard as hell to ever top that venue (two words: rotating bed).

Thursday I gambled, shopped and had meetings and that night I attended a larger, but still small dinner with some of the great minds in this industry. Then we headed off to Tryst to dance and drink. Great club, nice atmosphere, but the DJ was not earning points with me by cutting off every song after 30 seconds of play. Spent most of the night and early morning there, then hit the tables at the Wynn until the sun came up.

Friday was PubCon and I met a lot of really great people there. Thanks to everyone who took the time to introduce themselves. I’m bad with names, but I almost always remember faces. And thanks to the Moniker guys for making sure my beer never hit empty before I received another one. ;-)

Friday night, we hit Lure. It was a really cool place. The DJ was awesome and we met up with Markus there… I had only met him earlier in the week briefly, but he can DANCE – and well, which made us quick friends. After Lure we met up with the BOTW boys briefly and then called it a night (I was running on E at this point LOL).

Spent all of Saturday shopping and gambling and then took the flight from hell home. And here I am. ;-)

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