How to Learn SEO


I’m asked a lot of times when I tell folks what I do how I learned Internet marketing. People are usually surprised when I say I’m all self-taught, but the reality is, there is no real way to learn Internet marketing *other* than being self-taught. A ...
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Google Enables Real Time Spam and More


So, I’m at Chicago SES and see Michael Streko tweet about how Google has integrated Twitter into regular search. Sure enough, Search Engine Land has an article about the topic. Being a former practitioner of the “dark arts”, I immediately start ...
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2003 Called; They’d like their URL structure back

Messy Closet

Over the last decade or so of offering SEO consulting services to clients, I've seen a lot of interesting things. One of the more common (and surprising) things we see are URL structures in "current" sites that are completely "root based". What does ...
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I’M TELLING! (or reporting your SEO competitors)


When I did the Ask the SEO Vets panel at SMX Advanced a few months ago, someone in the audience asked a question about what to do when your competitors are buying links and getting an advantage from them in the engines. Vanessa Fox immediately ...
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Commercial Twitter Case Study Revisited

Twitter case study

About a year ago I did a case study on the use of Twitter by - a site I own about BlackBerry phones. We were using Twitter as sort of a guerrilla marketing tactic to increase traffic to our site and more importantly, promote our ...
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Lawn Care Marketing: Five Tips to Increase Your Online Presence


I figured I’d offer up some advice to lawn care business owners/landscapers as an example of easy and actionable SEO tips you small business owners could easily implement. Why lawn care marketing? Simple. I don’t have a client or conflict in the ...
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How To Easily Create Your Own URL Shortener With WordPress


This morning I set up a site with it’s own URL “shortening service” so to speak and some folks thought you guys might want to know how I did it. With all the talk of Tweet-Jacking and concerns regarding the branding you’re doing for URL shortening ...
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You Don’t Need SEO to Rank in Google

Hello 2009

I'm sure you've no doubt heard that getting indexed and ranked well in Google is all about Pagerank and links. While Google search engineer Matt Cutts may have confirmed that statement almost three years ago, it doesn't mean things never change ...
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Announcing Tweetwasters

A few weeks ago, I was attempting to point out how much time Streko spent on Twitter (whether or not I spend more time than him on Twitter is irrelevant) and after a number of calculations, gave it to him in actual "time". He thought it would make ...
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Twitter Lays Down for Google

Rankings Held Prisoner?

Or do they just not trust you? As you may have heard, Twitter recently decided to "nofollow" links left in the "bio" section of user profiles. The "web" link has long been a nofollow link, but the bio links passed popularity until Dave Naylor ...
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