Google Doesn’t Know the Face of “Evil”


One of my employees was pushing a story we had done yesterday and decided to contact some parenting sites (the angle of this story was related to them) and see if they'd be interested in making their readers aware of it. He got back an interesting ...
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Why Google Shouldn’t Penalize Us for Their Incompetence


Seems that while I was away, Matt stirred up some controversy by implying the engines would start hitting sites posting paid links without machine readable disclosure of those paid links and then in a second post, asked people to report sites ...
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Five Link Building Experts: A Group Interview


So, I asked a few of the more well known guys on links to do a kind of "group interview" on link development a few months ago and I've been admittedly slow about getting the final result up. But, today is the day, so get ready to learn a bit about ...
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Why Links Matter: So Simple a Monkey Could Understand It


A while back I did a post on what I considered to be the very basics of local small business website marketing. Since it seems the basics were appreciated, I decided to do a post on another basic I’m questioned about a lot… why a site needs links ...
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