Below you’ll find several interviews with people of note within the industry. From Googlers to Yahoo peeps and more, you’ll find some insight into the various positions held by the folks below and their companies.

From Zero to Six Figures: Interview with Tricia Meyer

Tricia Meyer

A lot of people question whether or not you can make money with affiliate marketing. A lot more question whether THEY can make money with affiliate marketing. Despite telling my story of coming from nothing to being a very successful affiliate ...
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Interview with Affiliate Queen Missy Ward

Missy Ward

I'm not often impressed by people. I like a lot of people. I think a lot of people are cool. But it's rare that I see someone who impresses me on both a business and personal level. Missy Ward is one of those people. I think part of me identifies ...
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Interview with VigLink CEO, Oliver Roup


I read a post recently on Internet Retailer stating that Affiliate marketing technology firm VigLink raises $5.4 million. The article went on to say that this raised VigLink's investment capital to a grand total of 7.3 million. And of course, my ...
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A Conversation with Super Marketer Lynn Terry

Lynn Terry

I've known super affiliate Lynn Terry for a long time now. In Internet marketing years, we're both ancient. We "met" online through some forums aimed at work at home moms about ten years ago and we finally met [no quotes] in person in 2004. To ...
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Interview with Search Engineer Tim Converse


I had the pleasure of meeting Tim Converse in the rotating bed room of the Hugh Hefner suite at the Palms at YPN's party during Las Vegas Pubcon this year. He is definitely a witty guy, but has a stern way of saying things sometimes that leaves you ...
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Interview with Brian Prince of Best of the Web (BOTW)


I normally start out my interviews with a nice little professional sounding intro. Not this time - partially because I hate doing it, and partially because the BOTW boys (pronounced bot-wah boys for those who have never had to say it outloud) are too ...
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Interview with Vanessa Fox of Google Sitemaps


So, I've met some of the people from the Sitemaps team a few times and when I was in Boston I had a chance to grab lunch with two of the Sitemaps engineers where I shamelessly asked for an interview and they agreed. I wanted to kind of do a ...
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Interview With FeedBurner CEO Dick Costolo


Ever since Michael told me about FeedBurner I have been thoroughly addicted (if you are not using this service, I highly recommend you start - there is a free version, though I use the paid service myself). I love the service and thought, hey, why ...
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Interview with Josh Siegel of Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN)


There is a ton of buzz surrounding the YPN beta program. As a beta tester, I tend to frequent the forums a bit and saw the same questions often being asked over and over again. So, I decided to ask YPN for a chance to ask the questions and get some ...
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