There Are No Damn Silver Spoons (or Defining and Achieving Success Online)

No silver spoons

I did an interview recently with Lynn Terry, who is someone I've "known" for a long time on the Internet (and yes, have met in real life). Lynn is one of the most genuine people I've met on the net (she reminds me a lot of Christine Churchill) and ...
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Tips on Managing Employees Virtually


I’ve been lucky enough to primarily work from home for the last decade. I have offices that house employees for MFE Interactive in Guelph, Ontario: But not all of my employees are in-house for my companies and I have no shame in admitting my ...
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How to Get Social ROI from Internet Marketing Conferences


I’ve attended quite a few conferences in the last few weeks… in fact, I flew home from a long traveling stint where I spoke at Search and Social Summit and Search Exchange last night. And at both of those conferences I noticed something… quite a few ...
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How to Find a Pair of Balls

Pair of Balls

First, if you're offended by the post title, learn to have a sense of humor and relax a little. You might live a little longer. And if you take the advice in this post, you'll likely enjoy those extra years a lot more. The other day I wrote a post ...
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Good Financial Advice for Startups

Right on Target

I stumbled across a Techcrunch post about how startups need to manage money and hiring processes or risk failing that came as a result of a post by Jason Calacanis about how startups can save money that was then sensationalized and heavily ...
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Even More Advice for Startup CEO’s


I've been extremely busy this week and as such, I missed a totally kick ass post over at seomoz which offered up some advice to people who are ceo's of startup companies. I'm not saying I agree with the whole post, but a lot of the points were dead ...
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Things I Learned While Opening The New Office


Yeah, yeah - it has been almost a month since I've made a post. Long story short, in June, I incorporated a new business in Canada and on August 1st, I opened a new office up there, hired several new employees to work in it and moved myself and my ...
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My Entry to Internet Marketing


Every year when my son's birthday comes up, I'm reminded of how I entered this industry and I figured there may be some people who don't know that story. In honor of the biggest hero in my life, my son CJ who turned nine today, I figured I'd share it ...
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Why Does Product Management Software Suck?


I've been on the great quest the last few days to find a product management solution. I should really say a contractor management solution. I have no need for clients to be able to see this. I just need to keep the contractors working on my projects ...
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