Thesis Theme Tutorials

For over five years I used the Thesis theme for WordPress on the Sugarrae site. Below you'll find posts I've done in the past to help explain how to do specific things with the custom functions in Thesis to the technically challenged to help them better pimp their blog.

I still use Thesis on various sites, but in 2013, I switched to using the Genesis theme on Sugarrae. Why? I did a blog post explaining why I switched to Genesis from Thesis.

How to Add Crazy Egg Code to the Thesis Theme


I needed to add some Crazy Egg code to specific sections on the Sugarrae site today (which runs on the Thesis theme) to see the impact of the new design I launched last week. But after a few searches, I couldn't find any "copy and paste" code to add ...
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Thesis Tutorial: Adding the Facebook Like Button to Individual Posts for Dummies

Facebook Like button tutorial

I don't think I've ever claimed to be super technical. To my mom, I'm beyond technical. To my friends, I'm super technical. To programmers, I know enough to be dangerous to myself and their code. ;-) When I first started using the Thesis theme ...
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Thesis Tutorial – Creating Custom Categories

Creating Custom Categories

I get asked at least once per week how I got the custom content on my category pages (you can check out the affiliate marketing category here on Sugarrae or the SEO conference category). The answer are custom category hooks and the instructions for ...
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Thesis Tutorial – Customizing the 404 Page

404 Error

A few weeks ago, I published a Thesis theme tutorial that showed you how to do advanced ad targeting. The tutorial showed you how to assign ads to be different based on the category the posts were filed in, as well as change them on a post by post ...
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Thesis Tutorial – Advanced Ad Targeting

Advanced Ad Targeting

Since my last tutorial explaining the basics of the newly unveiled Thesis hooks was so well received, I thought I'd show you a bit more of how advanced the Thesis theme really is. Not only will I "show" you, but I'll also teach you how to take ...
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Thesis Tutorial – Hooks for Dummies


By now, most people know that I am an evangelist for the Thesis theme and that the Sugarrae site actually runs on the theme. When Chris Pearson announced the newest release of Thesis, it touted a bunch of great new features and fixed most of my ...
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