Blogging Tips and Advice

Below you'll find the posts at Sugarrae from the blogging category. I highly recommend you read each of them if you're serious about making an income or developing a personal brand as a blogger.

If you're brand new to blogging, I'd recommend reading the following resources relating to making your blog search engine friendly to help you get your blog in "ship-shape" before working on implementing any of the promotional, branding and monetization strategies we recommend:

Additionally, while not aimed specifically at blogging, I'd highly recommend reading my post about unique content before working to gain readership to ensure you make a solid first impression.

If you have suggestions for posts you'd like to see me do or information you'd like to see provided, please feel free to contact me and let me know.

How I Create a Strategy for a New Blog or Affiliate Site – Part 2 (Creating Your Sitemap & Wireframe)

the sugarrae sitemap

In part one of this series - identifying the demographic - you got a good handle on who will be reading your blog based on your niche and where you social efforts should have the most impact (#protip - you can begin working on building a social ...
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How I Create a Strategy for a New Blog or Affiliate Site – Part 1 (Identifying the Demographic)

gathering demographic data

In prior posts we've discussed how to come up with a niche idea, how to research a niche before entering it and how to find the best affiliate programs within a niche to promote. Now it's time to build and promote that site, right? Wrong. Now it's ...
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Organize Content Development with the (Free) Editorial Calendar Plugin

add new post screen

I certainly wasn't looking for an editorial calendar for WordPress because it never occurred to me that one would exist. But somehow I stumbled across the WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin (free). And I'm loving this plugin as an individual ...
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Six Components of a Killer Personal About Page


Ok, so maybe "killer" is stretching it a bit. I don't claim to be the end all, be all when it comes to writing an About page. But, I have seen plenty of About pages that suck (as in I as a potential reader have hated them) and I have seen a lot ...
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Creating a Custom 404 Page with Genesis – Tutorial

404 Tutorial

Genesis uses a very busy default 404 page. When I made the switch I didn't want to lose my old custom 404 page, but couldn't figure out how to create a new one either. But I wanted my custom 404 page damn it. So, I asked the Genesis team for some ...
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How to Create Targeted Sidebar Advertisements (Without Using Code)

Targeted Advertisements

I had a request for more information about adding functionality to your blog that will help increase your revenue - without requiring any kind of programming skills. Targeting ads are one of my "must be able to do" items when building any new ...
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4 Painless Ways to Come Up With New Blog Post Ideas


Honestly, there are some days that I have no earthly idea what to write about. You guys made it clear in the reader survey that want me to write more. Sometimes I want to do a guest post on an outside blog to get some exposure for Sugarrae, PushFire ...
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5 Simple Ways to Make More Money from Your Blog

Make more money blogging

Based on the reader survey, website monetization ideas are a hot topic. So you have some traffic - now how do you go about monetizing it (and without selling your soul)? Affiliate programs are obviously my top choice for monetizing. Being a direct ...
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How to Make Money Blogging


I was recently trying to explain to a friend new to the concept of affiliate marketing how I made money from blogging. For this post, I'll use Sugarrae specifically as an example of how I make money by blogging since most people blogging ...
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How to Add Crazy Egg Code to the Thesis Theme


I needed to add some Crazy Egg code to specific sections on the Sugarrae site today (which runs on the Thesis theme) to see the impact of the new design I launched last week. But after a few searches, I couldn't find any "copy and paste" code to add ...
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