Creating a Small Niche Affiliate Site – Part 3


If you missed part one or part two of this [insert unknown number here] part series, you'll likely want to go back and read through them first. For those of you that are already up to speed, it's time to get back to work. The writer I hired in ...
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Creating a Small Niche Affiliate Site – Part 2


Last week I mentioned the steps I'd taken so far in building a small niche affiliate site. I decided to do a bit more work on it this week, so I guess we're now on to step two in the series. I'm building this site using tools/strategies that are ...
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Creating a Small Niche Affiliate Site – Part 1

Link Building with the Experts 2012

Not every site I personally build is in a big niche with goals to be the uber site of its industry. While all of the sites I make through MFE aim for that, every once in a while I get bored and spend some time creating a new small affiliate site in a ...
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Is Your Affiliate Datafeed Site Sinking in Mayday?


The Google Mayday update caused quite a stir in the affiliate community. Why? Because it was said by webmasters to be, and was then later confirmed by Google to be, most heavily impacting long tail traffic. Many affiliate marketers running sites ...
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Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda Had Success with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing success

Over two and a half years ago I wrote what I consider to be one of my best posts ever about affiliate marketing called how to survive the affiliate evolution. And while it basically outlined my entire business plan at the time - and still remains a ...
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Penalties, issues and filtering; it’s all just semantics


I was reading the recap Shawn Collins did of his trip to SMX on day one and a comment he made within it got my attention: Some interesting revelations in the duplicate content session, such as Google’s Joachim Kupke saying there is no duplicate ...
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Affiliate Datafeeds and Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content

The other day I posed a question on Twitter; "If you could learn more about one aspect of affiliate marketing, what would it be?" and a large portion of the responses I got back as a result were about using affiliate datafeeds. Even more ...
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5 things that make my affiliate life easier


It’s not a secret that one of my companies publishes affiliate websites. We utilize what I consider an evolved method of building affiliate sites and monetizing them primarily via affiliate marketing. And creating evolved sites means trying to ...
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My First Affiliate Summit Experience

affiliatesummit copy

I know, I know. I've been an affiliate for over a decade now [I'm not old, I'm not old]... how have I not attended an Affiliate Summit before? I must have been asked that question thirty times this week. I really don't know... I think because I've ...
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Examples in Affiliate Branding

Affiliate Branding

About 18 months ago, I wrote what I consider to be the best post I've ever written on the topic of affiliate marketing, how to survive the affiliate evolution. When I say that I wrote out my business plan and posted it on my blog in that post, I'm ...
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