Advertise on Sugarrae™

Have a product or service and want to get it in front of the Sugarrae audience? Check out the available options to do so below. If you’d like to advertise, please let me know through the contact form here on the site.


  • Any links included in your advertisement option will be run through a redirect. This is a Google rule and not a Sugarrae rule. Since I’m very visible in the search marketing industry, this blog has to follow Google’s rules, no matter how ridiculous I personally may think them to be.

Banner Advertisement

The right sidebar of my site contains a graphical 300×250 advertisement at the top that advertises products I personally use or endorse. The slot above this banner is available as a paid advertisement slot that runs on all posts and pages of the Sugarrae site. The banner will contain the word “ADVERTISEMENT” above it.

Pricing: $499 per month – only available in 3 month packages. Ad space is first come, first serve.


Most of the product or service reviews I do here on Sugarrae are done because I’ve personally found and used the product on my own. However, if you’d like me to take the time to review a product or service that I’m not familiar with here on the site, you’ll find out how to make that happen below.


  • Paying me to review your product or service does not guarantee you a favorable review. 95% of Sugarrae readers trust the information in my reviews at a 7 or above on a scale of 1-10. There’s a reason for that – I give my honest thoughts and opinions on everything I review. If you’re product isn’t good or is simply some information product money grab, I wouldn’t ask me to review it.

Paid Product or Service Review

I’ll review your product or service and share my (honest) opinions about it with my readers via a blog post (you can see past reviews here). The blog post will also be shared with my followers and be listed in my monthly newsletter. I’ll need temporary full access to whatever your product or service is in order to be able to do the review.

Pricing: If your product or service has an affiliate program the review fee is $299. If your product or service does not have an affiliate program the review fee is $899.

Top Newsletter Ad

I send out a monthly newsletter to subscribers. There are several ad slots within it, with the top ad slot being available for purchase. The ad is textual, must be 150 words or less and will contain up to two links to the destination of your choice.

Pricing: The cost to advertise in this slot one time in one newsletter is $149.