Where To Find Me In 2011

Another year, another whirlwind of Internet marketing conferences. The year’s technically two thirds done, but I’ve still got quite a bit more traveling to do as the fall conference season kicks into high gear.

airplane travelSo where can you find me for the rest of the year?

Well, I’ll be hitting South Beach in October and heading up to Canada for a visit before the year is out… oh, wait… right…

You want the *business* related traveling schedule. ;-)


August 20-23 in New York, NY

Hello New York. As you’re reading this, I’m on a plane heading to speak at Affiliate Summit East. Unfortunately, if you haven’t already purchased your ticket, you’ll have to hit the next one as it’s a sold out show. On Saturday the 20th I’ll be teaching my full day SEO Training Course for those who purchased tickets to attend this separate event.

Then on the 21st, I’ll be hooking up with my partner in crime, Michael Gray – as well as Kenny Hyder and Jim Boykin – to do our regular SEO Site Clinic. We’ll be doing live site reviews for some brave attendees. And per usual, Michael and I will bicker like an old married couple throughout the session. ;-)


September 13-15 in New York, NY

I could swear I was just in New York… ;-) On September 15th, you’ll get the chance to get completely sick of me as I take on three panels during the last day of SMX East. I’ll be speaking on the Ask the SEO’s panel alongside some powerhouse names for my favorite Q&A session. I’ll also be doing a Link Building Clinic as well as giving a presentation during the Link Building: Why You’re Doing it Wrong session.

If you plan on attending, you’ll want to buy your ticket RIGHT NOW as the early bird rate only lasts until tomorrow.


September 26-27 in Tampa, FL

Bucs country! At the end of September I’ll be heading back to my old stomping grounds to catch the Bucs vs. Falcons game at Raymond James Stadium and to speak at another kick ass BlueGlass Tampa event. I’ll be doing a live site review clinic with Greg Boser and Lindsay Wassell. This will be my third BlueGlass event (formerly the Search and Social conference) and I’m looking forward to the intimate setting these conferences always provide. While you won’t find huge display booths or tons of merchants handing out swag, you will find a small group of wicked smart speakers (and attendees!) that have always been willing to share both during and after the sessions – see you in the pool! ;-)

The ticket price to value ratio is already a huge bang for the buck, but I’ll do you one better. Enter in the coupon code “sugarrae” when purchasing your ticket and you’ll get 20% off the standard registration fee.

I’d also recommend that you don’t delay if you plan to attend. I have no idea how long they’re going to allow this coupon code to work and they have a limited number of spots left. And once they’re gone, they’re gone.


October 19 in Dallas, TX

The Dallas Fort Worth SEM group reached out to me to see if I’d be willing to take a trip up and speak at their monthly meeting once I made Texas my home earlier this year. Their group is extremely active and I’m more than happy to have an excuse to visit one of my favorite women in the industry – Christine Churchill.

I’m not sure on the exact topic yet, but I am sure it will be a great night. :) If you’re in the Dallas area, be sure to check it out.


November 2-4 in Dallas, TX

Sugarrae does Dallas – again! However this time I won’t be speaking, but rather simply attending. The SHINE conference focuses on female entrepreneurship, has an all star lineup of speakers and is hosted by Ali Brown. I plan to thoroughly enjoy the ability to simply take in a conference for once and not be an actual part of it. ;-) I’m also looking forward to getting to spend some quality time in a potentially thought provoking environment with the one and only Missy Ward who is attending it with me.

I’m actually quite excited! If you plan to attend, look for us around the conference!


Anyone who has followed me over the years knows that I’m usually at PubCon. Sadly, this will be the first PubCon Vegas ever that I won’t be attending. Before anyone decided to speculate why, I figured I’d tell you why. :)

I really wanted to attend the SHINE conference from a personal standpoint. The day after the SHINE conference, on November 5th, I’ll be participating in the Houston Heart and Stroke Walk (sponsors still welcome). With a newborn baby and a November 14th wedding anniversary, trying to squeeze PubCon in the middle (it runs from November 8-10) simply wasn’t a realistic option. I was welcomed to speak at the conference and am disappointed I won’t be able to attend. It’s always been one of my favorite conferences of the year.

But rest assured the only reason I’m not attending is scheduling. I’m sure Brett will put on yet another fantastic show this year. :)

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  1. I feel you on the Pubcon issue. It kills me that I can’t be there for scheduling reasons as well. Are you planning on ASW next January?

  2. You sure are busy, Rae. So this is the life of a well-known search marketer?

  3. I guess I’ll have to wait until next year- is Affiliate Summit West held in the spring? Thanks.

  4. @Chas ASW is January 8-10, 2012 in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace

  5. I’ve been wanting to head over for an ASE but just can’t justify the time at the moment. How was it?

    I think the next ASE should be held very east. Like, ‘other side of the Atlantic in the UK’ east! New York has been done to death.

  6. Aw man, and I’m actually heading to PubCon Vegas this year again…at least that’s the plan. Things might change, but who knows. Guess it’s another year without a dose of Rae. That said, I love your ‘excuse’ for why you can’t come. It’s absolutely true and worth it. PubCon will be around next year. (Think Brett will give me your speaking slot?)

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