THANK YOU: 2012 Heart and Stroke Walk Success

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of my friends, colleagues and readers that helped make my efforts during the 2012 Heart and Stroke Walk here in Houston an amazing success. In 2011, you rallied to show some amazing support (helping to raise $10,026), and in 2012, you rocked it even harder.

This past Saturday, I walked 5 miles with my husband, three youngest children and two friends. Because of all of YOUR support, I was able to raise $14,324 personally and our team, which centers around raising awareness for childhood stroke, was able to raise a grand total of $15,125. That means we’ve raised $25,151 in the last two years in support of eradicating childhood stroke.

Thanks to you, Team Fight Childhood Stroke was once again the #1 community based team and I was the #1 community teams individual fundraiser in all of Houston.

CJ's mini billboard

The walk as a whole was able to raise over 2.1 MILLION dollars to help fight heart disease and stroke. Because of YOU, lives WILL be saved.

Special Thanks

Every donation – whether it’s $5 or $2,000 dollars, means the world to me. But some people went above and beyond anything I ever could have imagined. I’d like to take a moment to give an extra thank you to…

There were many more of you that went above and beyond, but chose to leave your donations anonymous, and I respect that. To every person who donated – be it by “chipping in” $5, buying a poster, making a donation through the official AHA site, who walked with us or who liked, shared, retweeted and helped promote this cause – thank you. The award the AHA gave our team is because of each and every one of you.

It only takes a $30 dollar donation to provide one health care provider with the specialized training required to recognize and treat cardiovascular diseases and stroke in infants and children.

My son’s stroke was “missed” fifteen years ago and it being recognized sooner could have helped lessen the severe effects his stroke had on him. But you guys help ensure that every year, less and less childhood strokes are missed – that more early treatment is given – that more childhood strokes are avoided ENTIRELY.

2013 Heart and Stroke Walk

As soon as registration opens for the 2013 walk I will once again begin fundraising efforts. I’m setting a goal to raise $13,000 personally next year and to get ten people to walk on the team with us – with a team fundraising goal of $16,000. Until then, you can purchase the How Affiliate Marketing Works poster for $25 at Zazzle. All proceeds will go to the 2013 Walk.

You Guys Rock

I am humbled by the show of support and it really does mean the world to me to be able to help prevent other children and families from going through what we have. Thank you again and here’s to next year!

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