Buy a Poster, Help Save Lives

Dramatic title? Maybe a little bit. But it IS the reality even if you won’t personally be “hands on” saving a life ala Grey’s Anatomy.

As many of my regular readers know, I’m an avid supporter of the American Heart Association (which is also essentially the American Stroke Association). My now 14 year old son suffered a massive bilateral stroke when he was only two weeks of age (cause still unknown). It’s actually how I ended up in the industry.

At the time there was little recognition of or research on childhood stroke. My son is severely multiply handicapped as a result of the brain damage his stroke caused him and will be for the rest of his life. Since the day he was diagnosed, I’ve worked towards making people more aware of childhood stroke and helping to make health professionals more aware of and educated about it.

Doing the “Heart Walk” and serving on the AHA Community Teams Committee here in Houston is one of those ways. Thanks to many WONDERFUL people out there, I’m not only one of the top individual fundraisers in Houston, but in the country as well. But finding new ways to gain donations can be tough.

When I created my infographic last year to explain “What Affiliate Marketing Is“, Shawn Collins suggested I make it a poster and mark it up a bit and use it as a fundraising vehicle. It was a great idea, and one I’m implementing today. :)

Here’s the deal: It only takes a $30 dollar donation to provide one health care provider with the specialized training to recognize and treat cardiovascular diseases and stroke in infants and children. And it could mean the difference between recovery and a lifetime of severe challenges, or even death.

So I’m selling the poster via Zazzle for $49.95, which gives me a $27.47 royalty on each one sold. I will round up the amount to $30 for each poster sold and donate all proceeds to this year’s AHA walk. So, in actually, buying this poster means you’ll be giving enough to educate one health-care provider – and could very likely save a life.

Buy a Poster, Help Save Lives


PLUS, you get an awesome depiction of what we do for a living to show friends in a Candyland like format that anyone can understand. :)

The poster is 36X24 and I ordered one myself to make sure the print quality was top notch before putting it up here (special thanks to Randy Krum for altering the infographic specs to help make this happen).

So get some awesome wall art for your office and make a difference by helping to fight Heart Disease and Stroke, in both adults and children. (To learn more about the walk and my participation in it, click here.)


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  1. Great idea, Rae! I’ve personally been earning a living from Zazzle for several years now and it is a great company with great products (I too can attest to the high quality off their posters). To support AHA, Sugarrae and Zazzle at the same time as well is like a personal trifecta. I’m off to buy a poster.

    (I noticed you didn’t use your affiliate ID when linking to the poster. Just curious, did you know you can use your Zazzle affiliate link and get *another* 15% commission on top of the artist’s royalty for these posters?)

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