A little over a year ago I posted about how I was taking my life back – making a lot of changes and figuring out what was next. Changes sure as hell have been made. :) And now it’s time to let you know about them and what they mean for me as an individual AND for the Sugarrae site.

Announcing PushFire

I’m pretty stoked to announce today that the consulting side of Sugarrae, Inc. is merging with Ascendgence (a successful Texas online marketing firm owned by my husband, Sean Dolan) to form PushFire, an online marketing agency that has already been quietly providing kick ass results for a few months now. In fact, PushFire is already a team of 10 and still growing (you can see more about our career opportunities here – we’re hiring from entry level to senior staff). PushFire currently offers SEO audits, Link Building and PPC management services. I will be serving as the CEO for the company.

We move into our new digs soon, but you can find out more about that over at the PushFire blog as well as by following us on Twitter, Facebook and G+

Don’t worry, I’ll wait. :)

I’m excited to say we have a lot of exciting stuff in store. ;-)

What this means for “Sugarrae”

Sugarrae will always be “me” and it was one of the reasons we made the decision to build a new brand that encompasses both myself and Sean as individuals – as well as a team. A side goal was to separate the consulting side of what I do from my other loves – affiliate marketing and Internet entrepreneurship. Have no fear, “Sugarrae” isn’t going anywhere. But the posts on this blog will now be themed towards the latter two topics while PushFire will host the future posts I write that are aimed more at general online marketing strategies.

I still own my other companies. I also still own a slew of affiliate sites in a variety of niches. And I still want to share my various experiences (and the knowledge gained) from them all with my readers.

How does one person (sanely and effectively) work on all this? I absolutely thrive on being busy, on being challenged and am lucky to have a talented staff and team and/or partners in regards to every business that I own. I’m not a one man band in any of them. None of these endeavors were created overnight and I rarely do more than one “big push” at a time.

So check out the new company and make sure to stick around here. I’m looking forward to rocking it all.

“Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit. There’s footprints on the moon.” ~ Paul Brandt

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